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Christmas tree candles

Christmas tree candles

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Christmas Tree Candles from Candles Home

Set includes:

  • three beeswax candles in the shape of a Christmas tree
  • gift wrap

Ingredient: beeswax, cotton wick

All candles are:

Vegan, cruelty-free, eco-friendly and handcrafted

Christmas is coming and it's time to start thinking about gifts. What are the best gifts? The answer is obvious: those made by hand with a lot of love and care.

Bougies de sapin de Noël

The New Year's Eve series of Candles Home ™ has been replenished with additional novelty so that you can treat yourself and your loved ones to small masterpieces.

Look what the candles in this set look like! The Christmas tree is the main attribute of the New Year, Christmas. She is the one who creates the magic.

Our stylish indoor candles will emphasize the individuality of the home space, create a special atmosphere and make an excellent gift.

Top reasons why giving candles is better:

  • when you give such a gift, it is immediately clear that you have taken the time to choose a gift and have approached this issue in a very responsible way.
  • handmade candles have their own uniqueness and give special emotions
  • candles symbolize holidays. When you bring a candle into the house, you bring a holiday. When you give such a gift, you can focus on that, for example, you can say: "I want your home and your soul to always be warm, cozy and festive"
  • the candle will decorate the house for a long time
  • candles can be given for any occasion, as such a gift is always appropriate

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Handmade candles made from organic wax

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Natural scented candles

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