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Christmas tree set

Christmas tree set

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Christmas Tree Candle Set by Candles Home

This set includes: 3 Christmas tree candles

On New Year's Eve and Christmas holidays, you always want to fill your home with a real fairy tale. To do this, just decorate the house with themed decor and it will change immediately. One of the best options would be to purchase beautiful decorative candles, which will provide the desired comfort with their flame and the appearance of a New Year's fairy tale.

All candles are:

Vegan, cruelty-free, eco-friendly and handcrafted

The most common decorations for the holidays are traditionally garlands, Christmas decorations and candles. On New Year's Eve, they meet at every turn. The stores are full of Christmas decorations and offer a huge assortment. But despite this variety, you have to pay attention to the quality. There are several aspects to consider when buying. The New Year is a family celebration. Parents want to please their children and create an atmosphere close to fabulous in the house. You should always remember that all purchases should be made from completely safe materials and bring joy.

All of our candles are handmade from the finest natural materials because we understand how important it is for you to take care of your loved ones.

Soy wax is a natural material that does not emit harmful substances when burned. It is absolutely safe and eco-friendly for nature.


Handmade candles made from organic wax

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Natural scented candles

Candles Home scented organic soy wax combines fresh scents that symbolize the power of nature, abundance and health. It helps to find harmony, restore strength in difficult situations and maintain the favor of the goddess of health.