Avec l'arrivée de l'hiver, vous avez envie de ressentir l'ambiance chaleureuse des fêtes de fin d'année avec nos bougies de Noël. Avec leur parfum délicieux et leurs flammes scintillantes, les bougies de Noël sont parfaites pour créer une ambiance festive dans votre maison.

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  • Atmosphere

    The Candles Home scented candles fill your interior with a pleasant scent and thus create a cozy atmosphere in which you will feel wonderfully well.

  • Pleasure

    The Candles Home brand knows how to transfer itself mentally into the world of pleasure and relaxation.

  • Fragrance

    Each fragrance, created by experts, is a natural sound with a special charm and sophistication.


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  • Anna K

    Great candle store. I'm very happy to have found such original gifts!

  • Mary S

    The candles create an amazing atmosphere in the house. A great accessory for any home. We fell in love with them!

  • Paul B

    We are visiting the store not for the first time. High-quality packaging and the candles themselves. Delivery times are always respected. My recommendations